The Siblings Wall


FOR Per/Use

A light in symbiosis.
A conjunctive non-obligate interaction.

Symbiosis is any form of relationship between individuals of different species.

The simplicity of this object is the result of an extensive research for a pure form and the design of the light itself. This luminaire becomes an object made to trigger both its function and the user’s emotion; the shade in glass is the structure, the diffuser and the wandering object that doesn’t prescribe rules, only invitations.

When high-tech meets low-tech.

The Siblings is a collection of lights made of noble materials such as Borosilicate glass –widely used in laboratories– and natural wood.

For this project a new LED light source has been developed, one that is not dazzling, is dimmable, is incredibly flat and consumes minimum energy.

The Siblings is available in three versions (floor light, wall light and table light), and the base in solid Oak in three colors (natural, black and white).