FOR Biqua

Biqua is the result of a profound research between designers and engineers animated by a common goal, that of improving the experience and performance in the discipline of Aqua-biking. Biqua is a dynamic machine which is aesthetically appealing while also respecting ergonomics, athletic efficiency and the quality of the object’s finishing. This unique Aqua-bike is more than a bike without wheels: the lightness, the handiness, the setting of the legs and the grip, the ideal position of the pelvis, the adjustment of resistance… all this makes Biqua a natural extension of your body underwater.

More than an innovative design, it’s a new way to get into this sport; it is the guarantee of a physical exercise –intense or therapeutic–.
A tool to make you feel good.

Materials: titanium, stainless steel and polymers.

when open : h 105cm, l 85cm, w 65cm
when closed : h 115cm, l 65cm, w 65cm

Weight: 9 Kg.

Biqua is developed in collaboration with Ad-Or, Aquanath and Erem.